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I think every Indian must read Bipin Chandra's History of Modern Indian Book once. The renowned Historian Bipin Chandra's narration of political, economical, religious and social reforms during the British India rule are crisp, clear and unbaised. As I am reading this book, two things thats going in my mind is - 1) We are not taught history this way in our schools. 2) Every indian must read this book once. Students are then guided for a great cause. Students are now showed a direction of evil cause and converting them to be slaves. After reading this book, in my opinion, every patriotic India do not follow a corrupt politician, media(Only targeting leaders working for development to dig, search and magnify unnecessary issue and supporting corrupt Leaders and parties. I think, NDTV is one of its kind), writers. Whoever reads "History of Modern India" will clearly make it that all problems currently created in the states and country are fictious which are created due to selfish motives of rich, industrialist and people hungry for power. We can understand things didn't change significantly after independence. People are under influences of British left evils - dividing India based on Religion, region, language Whereas meaning of riots, bhands, hartals have a genuine reason to free Indian poor people to relive from the cluthes of Britishers and more often from Land Lords. Had those great people, who sactrified their lifes been there even after independence, India could have developed India as a greatest power in the world. And India could have taught the world the power of peace and humanity. But now our politicians use those tools with selfish motives and no good to society against the people's prosperity. After Indenpendence we have progressed, but significantly very poor. Every Indian must read this book. I sincerely believe that whoever reads this book will get a fair knowledge for taking discretionary decisions for development of Nation. They will understand real need of the hour for our nation, support real leaders who work hard for nation to progress.

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