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Poem of modern India

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Saatyaki S::O Seshendra Sharma over 6 years ago

Poem of modern India Adhunika Mahabhratam by the great Telugu poet Gunturu Seshendra Sarma is not in any way connected to the epic. It is in fact a commentary on modern India and is the reaction of sensitive, socially aware patriotic, erudite poet to the harsh modern reality of the increasingly urban nation. The present edition, a reprint of the classic by sarma, facilitated by the contribution of actor Pawan Kalyan , comprises a series of poems published between 1970 - 1986. The poems and their commentary appeared in Andra Prabha between '84 and '86 as a weekly series titled Arustunna aadmi [Shouting Man] The poems speak in various voices, some angst -ridden , some romantic, some that call for the rise of an armed rebellion against oppressive forces, and even some that eulogize the poetic variety that the country inspires. It is not only an ode to the country he loves, but also a plea for the man on the roads of Hyderabad (or any city) to recognize a world that lies outside the urban jungle and explore the reality that lies within the working class. It is a reminder that man need not fear the forces of modernity represented by the officials and a political class both of which limit his potential and reduce him to a sort of slavery. The Hindu Friday Review HYDERABAD, FRIDAY JULY 22, 2016 ------------ PAWAN REPRINTS SESHENDRA’S BOOK Not many know that Pawan Kalyan is an avid book reader and has a huge library at his home and office. whenever he gets time , he spends it reading books. Gunturu Seshendra Sharma , one of the prominent names in Telugu Literary World , is one of Pawan Kalyan’s favourite writers. However it is hard to lay your hands on Seshendra Sharma’s popular book “Adhunika Mahabharatam “ since it has been out of print for many years as no publisher came forward to reprint the book and that’s when Pawan Kalyan decided to step in and help . The actor- turned politician called saatyaki and gave him the required financial support to reprint the book. The actor also wrote a foreward where he mentions how the book has influenced him and why it’s an important part of his life the actor further mentioned that it was director Trivikram Srinivas who introduced him to Seshendra Sharma’s poetry. Pawan Kalyan is leaving the country on July 8th to participate in an event United Kingdom Telugu Association as Chief Guest : the event will be held on in London on July 9th . Deccan Chronicle: English Daily : 3rd August 2016 Hyderabad ----------- Dear Friends ! Greetings One queer story has come to my notice . In this context , I , as publisher of Adhunika Maha Bharatam by Seshendra Sharma , my father give the following clarification to poetry lovers at large. This seems to be a mindless comparison or analogy . Pawan kalyan is a well read Telugu person who has been reciting Seshendra Sharma , my father's poetry in almost all his public meetings. since 2 years and eventually he has financed printing of the 4th revised edition of Adhunika Maha Bharatamu. Where as this Rajinikanth , Tamil Super Hero , neither knows Telugu nor there is any evidence of he reading Shri. Satyanarayana's Book “ My father Balaiah “ Shri. Rajinikanth Ji cannot read Telugu Nor there is any record to believe that he has reading habit. He would be the last person toreprint “ My father Balaiah” . Please do not create confusion in the minds of average admirers of Literature. Thanks / Regards Sincerely Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma saatyaki@gmail.com , 91 9441070985

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